Meet Magento Germany 2016 Review

Better late than never. Finally, here is my review for the #mm16de – the Meet Magento Germany 2016. As always, it was a great event and definitely worth participating. So if you did not go this year, go there next year! It is definitely a must-event for anyone in the German Magento ecosystem. Period.

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Magento Developers Paradise 2016 Review

In the end of April (holy crap, already a month ago!), I attended the Magento developers paradise for a second time. The last one I attended was the one in Mallorca in the summer of 2013. This time, the conference was in a beautiful village at the coast of Croatia – Opatija. Magento Developers Paradise 2016 Review weiterlesen

Managed Magento Hosting Experiences

I am a big fan of specialisation – I think it is the only way to really enable good quality. That is why I cooperate with great specialised partners for stuff like design, user experience, conversion optimisation, SEO, SEM and stuff like that. I am specialised in developing – especially with regard to Magento. I am also not a devop or system engineer. Of course I can configure a server for my needs and do some fancy stuff with it, but there are people out there who do this the whole day and are really into it. They can optimise a server like a pro and that is why I want to work with them and do not fiddle with servers myself. But where are the server pros? There are a lot of managed Magento hosting offers, but are they really suited for Magento? Do these hosters all know Magento and its requirements good enough? I made a lot of bad experiences with various hosters which promised great Magento hosting. So this will be an alphabetically ordered list of managed Magento hosting providers I worked with. I collect all my experiences here, so that I have them for reference and so that you guys can select a good hoster for your Magento project and can skip the bad ones! So here we go… Managed Magento Hosting Experiences weiterlesen

Zeitschriften für Web-Entwickler

Ich habe gerade mal kurz recherchiert, welche Zeitschriften bzw. Magazine man als Web-Entwickler – insbesondere im Bereich PHP – so lesen sollte. Das meiste lese ich zwar sowieso online, aber für manche Zwecke und Gelegenheiten finde ich eine althergebrachte Zeitschrift echt super. So endlos viel scheint es da allerdings gar nicht zu geben: Zeitschriften für Web-Entwickler weiterlesen

How to Check iPhone Safari Issues on Ubuntu

These days I had to solve the issue that it was not possible to add configurable products to the cart on iPhones. After some testing, it turned out that this issue also occurred on Macs. It turned out that this issue also occurred on all Webkit-based browsers. But how do you check and solve Webkit issues on Ubuntu? How to Check iPhone Safari Issues on Ubuntu weiterlesen

Deployment for Small- and Medium-Sized Magento Shops

I always encounter two main problems when it comes to the deployment of small- and medium-sized Magento shops. First, when I take over a shop, there is often no deployment process at all. Second, when people talk about the deployment process for Magento shops, it is always about big projects. I understand that this is more challenging and may sound more attractive to some of you, but I think it is also important to talk about the deployment process of smaller Magento shops. So here we go!

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Magento Certified Developer

After I took the Magento Certified Solution Specialist and Magento Certified Frontend Developer exams end of last year and in the beginning of this year, I finally also took the Magento Certified Developer exam. Conclusion: It is, as expected, the hardest of the three exams, but it is absolutely doable if you worked with Magento for more than a year on a full-time basis. Magento Certified Developer weiterlesen

WordPress Move Comment Answer to Separate Comment

I just had the case where someone wanted to add a completely new comment on the page, but mistakenly replied to another one. I wanted to fix that and could not find a solution how I can convert it to a standalone comment. A short look into the database table wp_comments revealed the solution. WordPress Move Comment Answer to Separate Comment weiterlesen

Magento Save and Autocomplete Admin Credentials

Magento introduced a new security feature in version 1.8 which disables the possibility to save and autocomplete the admin credentials. Some password manager like Lastpass can still save and autocomplete the credentials, but some others cannot. For instance, the Firefox password manager does not store or autocomplete the admin credentials in Magento >= 1.8. I wrote a neat little extension to solve this issue. Magento Save and Autocomplete Admin Credentials weiterlesen