Magento Unconference Germany 2017

Last weekend, I finally attended my first German Magento unconference. I have been at the unconference in Utrecht, Netherlands, last year but did not manage to attend a German unconference yet. As expected, the event was awesome and I will try to be there next year as well.

With my extension development company Modulwerft, I supported the event as last year with a „friends of“ sponsoring package. At least this gave as a logo at the entry (yes, there is our logo as well – although Twitter found such a smart thumbnail that our logo is not visible at first 😀 ). So if you like high quality extensions from a company, which supports and actively participates in the community, go and have a look at our extensions!

The event started with a nice preparty at a traditional Cologne brewery pub on Friday night. As always, it was fun to meet old faces again and get to know new ones. Shortly after midnight, our new FireGento president Andreas Mautz was so kind to give us a short sightseeing tour on the way back to the hotel. According to rumours, a small group continued the party until the early morning, but I skipped that part in order to be fit enough for the event the next morning.

On saturday morning, lots of topic suggestions had to be presented and voted on, but finally there was a nice program. We had 45 minute slots alternating with 30 minute coffee breaks, which was a good fit. This enabled us to do lots of networking. The sessions were nice, although I had the problem that the most interesting ones for me always were at the same time – pity. The party on Saturday night was nice as well. Good food, awesome beer, cool people – all what a good night needs 😉

Sunday was nearly the same as Saturday. Unfortunately, even on Sunday, I could not get a slot for my proposed discussion on third party extensions and extDN. Anyway, since there were five slots and therefore five sessions in parallel, one could always find something interesting. You can find the program on the website.

By the way, during the conference, I came up with a new idea for such events: Actually one should always speak to some of the sponsors. I did that for half of the sponsors this time. I talked to the nice guys from integer_net, maxcluster and AOE. It was really cool to get to know some maxcluster guys, which I only knew from support mails. Unfortunately, I missed the ones from brandung, splendid and team neusta. Thanks to all of the sponsors and of course to all of the awesome organisation team as well!

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And for those of you who are a bit disappointed that they could not attend the event or the ones who cannot wait for the next event… Go and get your #muc17nl ticket!

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