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Unfortunately, since Magento was acquired by Adobe, there is a constant shift in the direction of enterprise and microservices. Both, community members and well-known, long-time employees jump ship – also due to the fact that the open source contribution process gets harder and harder. However, at the same time, so many community members like myself built their professional lifes around the open source version of Magento. We do not want to just watch that enterprise shift happening, which would pretty much ruin our professional lifes in the long run. It is about time to stand up and take care of the future ourselves – the Magento community needs to grow up. An awesome group of respected Magento community members will do exactly that: We will take care of the future of Magento Open Source ourselves if Adobe does not. We wrote an open letter to you, the Magento community, and invite you to sign it if you feel the same. This excerpt from the initial letter pretty much shows what it is all about:

With this open announcement we are letting you know that there will be a community-organization driven fork of Magento. The purpose is to secure Magento’s long term viability for all the businesses depending on it.

Open Letter to the Magento Community by the Mage Open Source Community Alliance

The full letter can be found and signed on the website of the Mage Open Source Community Alliance. I am glad about and thankful for anyone who signs the letter and gets active now. Let us ensure a bright future of Magento Open Source together!

Longe Live Magento!

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