Interview with Cloudways

The Magento Community Manager of Cloudways, Wajid Hussain, asked me to give an interview some time ago. I was of course very thankful and felt honoured, so that I certainly agreed. The topics of the interview are widespread: We talk about different shop systems, Magento extensions, Magento customisations, Magento 2 and a few other things.

So go ahead and read the whole interview on the Cloudways blog!

By the way, Cloudways is a Magento cloud hosting platform that lets you host your Magento shop on the Amazon EC2 or DigitalOcean cloud. I did not try it myself yet, but I will certainly do at some time. You can try it for free, so why not try it now?

Thanks to Cloudways for the opportunity and to Wajid for the kind words!

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